Most common problems with your air conditioner:

There are many common problems with your air-conditioner that you can check on before contacting an AC service. OC pro contractors are available to provide diagnosis for a variety of systems with your air-conditioner but here are some of the most common problems that you could check on before contacting us for a

Diagnosis appointment:

Checking the circuit breaker: sometimes power may have been disrupted to your AC unit or aspects of your home. If there is a power disruption issue within your home, this can often be quickly replaced by having a quick look at the circuit breaker.

Checking on the air filter:

if it's been sometime since your AC unit has had the air filter changed, the restriction in the airflow may be all that's preventing the unit from cooling your home. Checking on the thermostat: some thermostats require batteries or they have been programmed incorrectly. Doing a quick check on your thermostat or even resetting some of your settings could be all that it takes to get your air-conditioner back up and running again. Is there an external switch on your air-conditioner? Sometimes there conditioners can stop working as a result of an external switch being turned off. If your air-conditioner is on the exterior of your house anything from an impact from a ball to you grazing it with an electrical cord cutting the lawn may have turned the AC off.

Is there condensation on the pump:

many AC units have an automatic shut off in the event of flooding. Just a bit of condensation in the middle of the warmer months could be enough to trip the sensor. A quick wipe down of the condensation could be all that you need to turn the AC unit back on. Keep some of these common problems in mind with your air-conditioner and check on them early on. If you recognize some more serious issues with your AC unit be sure to contact OC pro contractors today.


When do you need to call an AC contractor?

There are a number of fairly common problems that can happen within air-conditioner that are worth checking out before contacting an AC contractor. These are covered in one of our previous blog posts. if you are trying to evaluate the severity of an air-conditioning issue and when you should call a professional, here are some of the top signs that it's time to contact an AC contractor:


Your air conditioner is making suspicious sounds:

If you have detected your air-conditioner making a series of very strange sounds there could be a fairly serious issue in which the fan belt gets loose or a series of other components may have fallen into disrepair. Regular maintenance can help to avoid these issues but if your air-conditioner has stopped blowing cool air and it's making distressing noises, you need to contact an AC contractor immediately. No airflow: if you can hear the air-conditioner kicking on but there is no air that's flowing through your vents, the cooling system could have fallen into disrepair. If no airflow is making its way through the system you should consider contacting an AC contractor immediately. Issues with airflow can occur from a malfunctioning thermostat, proms with the blower or your air conditioning motor malfunctioning.


Unusual smells:

if your air-conditioning starts to carry a burning smell there's a good chance that your air-conditioning unit has suffered some type of electrical complication or its regularly overheating. This is an important time to call it air-conditioning contractor. If you have spotted any of these top signs and more is very important that you contact OC pro contractors immediately for a diagnosis and repair visit.

Top maintenance tips for your AC:

If you want to make sure that your air-conditioning unit is able to deliver the best in efficiency you need to make sure that you are performing regular preventative maintenance. At OC pro contractors we can handle the process of regularly maintaining your AC with scheduled visits. Here are some of our top maintenance tips for preventing serious repairs and making sure that you can save money on your energy bill: Always replace your air filter: replacement on your air filter can be one of the most important maintenance roles that is required for an AC unit. When the filter gets to clog up with dirt or dust it can lead to poor indoor air quality as well as restrict airflow causing the air-conditioner in its pumps to work much harder in order to continue performing their job. Regularly check on the wiring and components: doing a quick check on your air-conditioning components by first turning off the power and checking on all the wires can help to prevent overheating. Checking on electrical connections will help to prevent issues especially if you start to see melted insulation on wires. Catching these signs early on can help to prevent a catastrophic failure with your AC.




Check on your thermostat often:

Making sure your thermostat is set correctly for the time of year is important to saving money on your cooling bill. Regularly revisit your thermostat to change up the programming and work to find something that works with your current seasonal schedule. Clean around any outside unit: If you have a garden near your air-conditioner or there are areas where grass clippings, dirt or trees can build up around the air-conditioning unit, be sure they are cleared regularly. Removing debris from the fans and ensuring that your air conditioner has plenty of room to get maximum airflow is important for efficiency. These are just a few of the items that we will look at during any maintenance appointment from OC pro contractors. Contact us today for more on our preventative maintenance packages.



The top reasons for choosing a new air conditioner installation:

If you are winning some of the advantages of installing a new and high-efficiency air-conditioner or HVAC system, we can present some huge advantages for upgrading. If you have an air-conditioner that is a decade + in age, you could be missing out on all of the newest innovations in air-conditioning technology. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider choosing a new air conditioner installation:


Greater efficiency:

comfort control from variable speed technology and high-efficiency systems ensure that you can keep a much more consistent temperature level and better airflow while using even less energy.


Improving indoor air quality:

Variable speed motors can remove air impurities, prevent mold and help you get access to a much better indoor environment. Through superior airflow and improved filtration technology, these systems help with temperature control as well as cleaner indoor air.


Longer lasting components:

high-efficiency air conditioners minimize the amount of on and off cycling and as a result they often require far less maintenance and repairs. They can be far less expensive to own and they can also last for years longer than some of their counterparts. Upgrading today to ensure that your cooling system could last for 15 to 20 years with some of the best models available.



Much quieter:

AC units from top manufacturers today are also much quieter with the sound absorbing materials which are found in high-efficiency systems. This means you can get a better quality cooling system that is also traditionally much quieter than any other system that has been made previously. Reducing environmental impact: high-efficiency AC units can often use around a third of the energy to older models that came out 15 years ago. This means far less waste, a lesser impact on the environment and a much more attractive energy bill.


Improving property value:

whether you are a commercial or residential customer, installing a new HVAC system or air-conditioner can improve property value significantly. Keep some of these top reasons in mind and more for installing a brand-new air-conditioner. If you would like more information on the best models available for air-conditioner installations, Contact OC pro contractors today to have a look at our inventory.


Should you consider a programmable thermostat?

If you are interested in modernizing your home and getting access to some of the best in efficiency improvements, you may want to consider installing a programmable thermostat. These revolutionary devices are becoming much more popular for homeowners as well as business owners. Smart thermostats and programmable thermostats are perfect for introducing automation with hectic lifestyles. Installing one of these thermostats can present a number of advantages for your heating and cooling. Here are some of the top reasons you should strongly consider installing a programmable thermostat in your property: Saving time: intelligent Smart thermostats can almost anticipate your needs and your schedule. Installing one of these devices can ensure that changes to your thermostat can be made almost instantly. Rather than having to walk up to your thermostat whenever you need to make a change, the thermostat will automatically be adjusted when you come home. You can set up your programmable thermostat to start cooling your home 30 min. before you get back and to raise the temperature to save on energy as soon as you leave. This can save countless adjustments!


Huge energy savings:

most property owners are able to lower their electricity bill considerably by installing a programmable thermostat. Making the change to program the thermostat in the evening to change the temperature or to ensure that the temperature can change while you're at it the office leads to huge improvements in energy savings. Property owners have seen roughly a 30% change in energy costs associated with the installation of these devices at their property. Fewer repairs with your thermostat and cooling system: A programmable thermostat is designed to work with all of the latest in cooling equipment. Programming using a thermostat ensures that unnecessary use did not take place with your system. This leads to years of extra use of your cooling system and far less cost in terms of repairs and maintenance as a result. If you are interested in saving on energy and getting more out of your cooling system, speak to OC Pro Contractors today about installing the latest in programmable thermostats with your property. We can include the installation of one of these thermostats as part of your repair and maintenance package or as an additional service with air-conditioning installation. We strongly believe that these programmable thermostats are the future in cooling control!

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